Frequently Asked Questions

Why sell your valuables to Sell My Diamonds?

Sell My Diamonds understands the sensitivity of selling your luxury items. We are here to provide our clients with a safe and secure environment and expert advice that you can trust.

How much can I get for my diamond / diamond ring?

The value of your diamond is determined by the 4 C’s::

CARAT: Diamonds are weighed in metric carats. One carat equals .20 of a gram.  A carat is divided into a 100 points, so if you have a 25 point diamond that would be the same as a quarter carat. The greater the carat weight the rarer the diamond is and the more valuable it becomes.

COLOUR: Colour is graded on an alphabetical scale starting at D which represents colourless and continues with increasing colour to Z. Most diamonds sold in jewellery stores fit into this range however there are fancy coloured diamonds in yellows, pinks and blues just to name a few.

CUT: The cut of a diamond does not refer to shape but the symmetry, polish and proportion of a diamond. The cut of a diamond has a significant impact on the brilliance of the diamond.

There are a variety of diamond grading laboratories around the world with many of them working with different standards. Because of this we can’t determine the value of the diamond by using the certificate alone. One of our trained consultants will be able to view your diamond and provide you with a competitive price for your diamond.
We believe in providing you with an honest and secure environment when selling your diamonds, while holding true to our core values as one of Canada’s leading diamond buyers.

What about the platinum or gold in my diamond ring?

We buy valuable metals as well! Both platinum and gold are valued by its purity and weight. Because 24 karat gold is very soft most gold is mixed with alloy to give it greater strength. As an example 18 karat gold would be 75 percent gold and 25 percent metal alloy. Obviously when selling gold the higher the gold content the more valuable it is. We pay market value for your gold and platinum minus the refining fees.

Do you purchase Jewellery without diamonds?

If your Jewellery doesn’t have diamonds that’s no problem. We buy all types of gold and platinum as well as luxury watches including name brands such as Rolex, Cartier and many others.

How will I get paid?

Getting paid is a very easy process. Once you have accepted our competitive offer and provided us with 2 valid pieces of ID we will provide you with a cheque, cash or wire transfer. We will also ask you to provide any documents such as appraisals, diamond certificates or receipts that you may have with your jewellery items or diamonds.

When you say certificate, what do you mean?

A diamond certificate is a grading report issued by one or a group of gemologists highlighting the diamonds carat weight, cut, clarity and colour. The GIA(Gemological Institute of America), who we believe is the most reliable of all the diamond grading laboratories, has been the standard by which all other labs are measured against.
Some other laboratories may not be as strict with their grading procedures so we will asses your diamond Independently before making you an offer. You may see different names given to your certificate which may include, Diamond Grading Report, Diamond Dossier or Diamond Certificate.