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About Selling Diamonds

Sell My Diamonds Calgary is one of the most trusted names in Diamond procurement. Let one of our diamond experts evaluate your diamond and make you an offer immediately.

About Diamonds

The diamond grading system was developed by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). The four main properties or 4 C’s are Carat, Cut, Clarity and Colour. Each of these 4 C’s impact the rarity and ultimately the value of your diamond.


Diamonds are weighed in metric carats. One carat equals .20 of a gram.  A carat is divided into a 100 points, so if you have a 25 point diamond that would be the same as a quarter carat. The greater the carat weight the rarer the diamond is and the more valuable it becomes.


Diamonds are formed under very unique circumstances and because of this the majority of them contain birthmarks otherwise known as inclusions. The size, colour and location of these inclusions determine the clarity of the diamond. The different clarity grades range from FL(flawless), VVS(Very very slight inclusions), VS(Very Slight inclusion), to SI(Slight inclusion) and I (Included).
**No minimum requirement**


Colour is graded on an alphabetical scale starting at D which represents colourless and continues with increasing colour to Z. Most diamonds sold in jewellery stores fit into this range however there are fancy coloured diamonds in yellows, pinks and blues just to name a few.


The cut of a diamond does not refer to shape but the symmetry, polish and proportion of a diamond. The cut of a diamond has a significant impact on the brilliance of the diamond.

Gold & Jewellery

About Selling Gold & Jewellery

Gold is a unique commodity in the market place and always has value attached to it. Let one of our Jewellery Experts at Sell My Diamonds make you a competitive offer on your gold Jewellery Items.

Points to Consider in Gold selling

Because of the uniqueness of gold you have to consider two main factors when selling your gold Jewellery:
Gold Karat Value
First the price of your gold is determined by the purity of the gold or karat value. Generally speaking gold could be 10k,14k,18k,22k or even 24k depending on where and what part of the world the Gold piece was manufactured. The higher the karat value the higher the value of the gold.

Gold Weight
Gold is measured in gram weight and this also helps determine the value of a Jewellery item. The heavier the gold weight the valuable the item becomes.

If you have Gold Jewellery that you have inherited, or are no longer wearing, take advantage of the unique opportunity that gold provides. At Sell My Diamonds Calgary we will pay you cash for your gold while you wait.

Luxury Watches

About Selling a Fine Watch

A watch is a representation of an individuals style and personality. If you are no longer wearing a watch, or buying a new watch, feel free to get a quote on your old watch today at Sell My Diamonds Calgary.

Selling your old watch

It can be a difficult decision to sell luxury watch. Sell My Diamonds Calgary provides luxury watch owners with a safe and convenient way to sell your watch for a great price. If you are thinking of selling your watch please feel free to contact us by phone or fill out one of our secure forms. Our experts will be more than happy to evaluate your watch and offer you the best possible price.

We value your trust and our promise to you is to make the selling process secure and transparent. We ensure that the value that we offer you is competitive so that you receive a fair price for your luxury watch.

Sell My Diamonds Calgary is fully equipped to evaluate your luxury watch and to get you the best price. Please fill out one of our forms and get a quote within one day.

** We buy Rolex, Cartier, IWC, Patek Philipe **